Laurel High School Class of 1977  Laurel, Maryland

A Blast from the Past

This page is where you can reminisce about Laurel High School, about the city of Laurel, about the mid-1970s in general, or whatever.

If you have any pictures you can contribute to this page, please contact the web site administrator. Registered users, please go to the Contacts page in the Members Section (link below) for the address. Otherwise, use the Feedback link below.

Digital pictures or scans sent via e-mail attachment or on CD are preferred. Things like pictures of LHS sports programs, dance tickets, or even concert tickets from Merriweather or the Capital Centre would be great. Perhaps a picture of your car from back then, or of some classmates in full 1970s attire and hairstyles. Maybe if you're daring, you can send a scan of an old LHS report card. Please clearly identify what the picture is of, and if possible, identify any people in the picture.

Here are our three high school yearbook covers: (submitted by Rick Kretschmer)

1975 yearbook 1976 yearbook 1977 yearbook

Below is the cover page to the LHS 1977 Commencement Exercises program. Click the image to see a larger version. Registered members can also view the inside pages of this program in the Miscellanous Stuff page in the Members Section. (submitted by Craig Moe)

Commencement Exercises cover page

This is a front page photo from the Laurel Sentinel newspaper, dated October 29, 1975, showing four LHS '77 class members burying a time capsule filled with items from the 1970s. The caption says the capsule will remain buried for 50 years, so who's up for attending the uncovering in 2025? Click on the photo to see a larger version. (submitted by Deborah (Brasse) Hewitt)

1975 LHS time capsule news photo

These are the kinds of license plates that were on our cars during our high school years. Click on the images to see larger versions. (submitted by Rick Kretschmer)

License plate photos immediately below © copyright 2005-2007 by Rick Kretschmer. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

1975 Maryland car license plate 1976 Maryland truck license plate 1977 Maryland standard car license plate 1977 Maryland Bicentennial license plate

Speaking of cars, when's the last time you saw one of these? This is a restored 1973 VW Beetle, very similar to the yellow 1971 VW Super Beetle that Rick Kretschmer drove, back in the day. Click on the images to see larger versions. (submitted by Rick Kretschmer)

VW Beetle photos immediately below © copyright 2006 by Rick Kretschmer. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

1973 VW Beetle #1 1973 VW Beetle #2

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