Laurel High School Class of 1977  Laurel, Maryland

Frequently Asked Questions

Reunion questions:

Q: When and where will our next class reunion be held?
A: See the Class Reunion and Event Information page.

Q: How can I get involved in planning and organizing the next reunion?
A: See the Class Committees page.

Questions about this web site:

Q: Is this another one of those commercial sites that wants my money or is going to use my personal information?
A: No. This site is being sponsored and administered by a fellow Laurel High School Class of 1977 graduate. It's totally free, and your personal information will not be used in any way except to occasionally notify you of upcoming class activities, and to share with other classmates only if you have authorized it to be shared. It's completely up to you what information you chose to provide.

Q: I'm worried about spammers or crank callers or stalkers getting my personal information. What safeguards are there?
A: There are two places where personal information is displayed. One is the Spartans Online page, which accessible to the public and lists class members' names, e-mail addresses, and/or web site addresses. The information on this page is either already readily available from simple web searches, or was provided by the class members themselves. In other words, this page only lists people who want their contact information to be public. Phone numbers and street addresses will not be posted on this page.

The second place is in the password-protected Members Section, and is only accessible by other classmates who have registered with this site and have obtained a user ID. This page will remain invisible to web search engines such as Google. Here you can provide pretty much whatever personal information you want, knowing that it's not out there for the entire world to see. (However, while there is every reason to believe that the password-protected pages are secure, there are no guarantees that a determined hacker couldn't gain access to them, or that a class member wouldn't misuse the information found there.)

It's completely up to you whether you want to be included on either or both pages, and what information you want to provide.

Q: Can I register to get into the password-protected section without having to list my own information?
A: If you attended LHS as a member of the Class of 1977, then yes, if you really want to. You will have to provide some personal information such as your name and e-mail address, but these will not be posted to the site unless you authorize it. However, access will be granted only if you are listed in at least one yearbook or the graduation program, or you are known to be a class member by the person issuing user IDs, or if another verified classmate will vouch for you. But it's really defeating the purpose of having a secure place to post personal information if everyone wants to look at other people's information and no one wants to provide their own.

Members of other LHS classes must agree to be listed at least in the members' section in order to be issued a user ID. This is so that Class of 1977 members can see who is able to access their personal information.

Q: Why do I have to register and provide an e-mail address anyway?
A: Well, you don't, as long as you just want to visit the public sections of the site. Access to the sections where class members have posted personal information is restricted to other class members only, and requires a user ID and password. In order to determine whether you're a class member, and to provide a way to be notified of your user ID and password, you have to provide some minimal information.

Q: There's another web site called the Laurel High School Alumni Archive. Doesn't this site duplicate that one?
A: The so-called Laurel High School Alumni Archive at is a commercially-run alumni site similar to The domain name and the site itself might give you the impression that it's affilliated with the school or run by a fellow graduate. It's not. The site contains advertising, and who knows what they do with any personal information you provide?

Q: Doesn't Laurel High School have its own web site, with some of the same stuff that's on this site?
A: It does, and it used to. Laurel High School's web site is at This site has an alumni section that lists names and e-mail addresses for members of any graduating class who provide their information to the school. In 2005, that page was the source for some of the e-mail addresses that were initially listed on this site. But many of those e-mail addresses were out of date, and it was a pain to get someone to add or change or remove your information on the school's alumni page. For some time now, all of the information for the classes of 1970 through 1978 has just simply vanished. The school's web site is just not a reliable place for finding and contacting class members.

The LHS Class of '77 site (where you're at right now) has much more than just names and e-mail addresses, and the e-mail addresses are much more likely to be current.

Q: How did my e-mail address and/or web site link get on the Spartans Online page? I've never registered on this site or provided this information to anyone associated with the class.
A: There are several ways that information was collected. Although you apparently don't fall into this category, most of the information was provided directly by class members themselves specifically for inclusion on this page. Some of the web sites and e-mail addresses were readily found by doing simple web searches on classmates' names. And some e-mail addresses were copied from the Laurel High School web site's alumni page, back when it had e-mail addresses for Class of '77 alumni, and those addresses were presumably provided by the class members themselves.

Class members' privacy is a high priority for this site. In all cases, the information on the Spartans Online page either was provided by classmates themselves specifically to be posted on a public LHS alumni-related web page, or pertains to classmates who already have a very public web presence. If you want your information removed from this page, or corrected, simply go to the page and click on the link to submit an update to the directory.

Q: Is what I see now pretty much all that's going to be on this site?
A: What you see here now is hopefully just a start. There are all sorts of possibilities for expanding this site. For example, perhaps a bulletin board for classmates to post messages for each other. More pictures from past reunions. I'm sure you could think of a few ideas yourself, too. If you have any ideas as to how to make this site better, use the Contacts page in the Members Section (link below) to send a message to the web site administrator, or use the Feedback link below if you're not a registered user. If you feel really daring, consider volunteering to join the class web site committee yourself.

Questions about registering and accessing the members' section:

Q: I completed the online form to register for a user ID, but I've never heard anything back. What gives?
A: First, bear in mind that registration is not automatic, and therefore you're not going to get an instant response. Presently only two class members are handling registrations, so it may be several hours or even possibly several days before one of them can respond to your request. Then that person has to verify that you are indeed a class member, and then assuming you are, set you up as a user on the server that hosts the web site. Regardless, you'll be sent an e-mail that either tells you your user ID, or explains why your request for a user ID cannot be granted.

If it's been more than a few days, it may be that you entered your e-mail address incorrectly, or your spam filters may be preventing the e-mail response from reaching your inbox. If it's an e-mail problem of some kind that can be detected at this end, the web site administrator will try to contact you using the alternate contact method you provided, if any, when you signed up. Otherwise, there's no way to respond to your request. Also, not every e-mail problem you may be having can be detected here.

If you haven't heard anything after a few days, either use the Feedback Form page to send a message, or try registering again. In either case, explain the situation in the comments box, make certain that your e-mail address is correct, and indicate how you can be reached besides your primary e-mail address. Consider providing a phone number where you may be reached to resolve the matter quickly.

Q: I received my user ID via e-mail, but the e-mail didn't include the password I requested. I've forgotten it now, and I can't sign in.
A: Silly you. The registration instructions tell you to write down or remember the password you requested, because it's not a safe practice to send you both your user ID and password in the same e-mail. You can re-register, and your password will be changed to what you've most recently requested. Or, send a message using the Feedback Form asking for your current password to be sent to you. As long as you use the same e-mail address as when you first registered, there's no problem.

Q: I received my user ID, and I know my password, but I still can't get into the members' section.
A: Well, either you don't remember your password as well as you think you do, or, if you've never been able to sucessfully access the members' section, possibly the person handling your registration goofed somehow when he or she set up your user account. Your best bet is to send a message using the Feedback Form and explain the situation.

Q: I'm a member of the LHS Class of 1975 or 1976 or 1978 or 1979. Why can't I get a user ID and password to see the stuff in the members' section?
A: Actually, now you can, effective October 15, 2007. However, most of the same rules apply as for the Class of 1977 - you must be pictured in the LHS 1975, 1976, or 1977 yearbooks, or you must have a registered Class of 1977 member vouch for you, in order to be eligible to get an ID and password. One difference, however, is that you must agree to have your name and e-mail address listed at least in the members' section of the site.

Other questions:

Q: I'm trying to find a class member who is not listed anywhere on this site. Do you have any contact information for this person? Can you send it to me?
A: This site has information about class members who want to be found. Not everyone does, and we respect that. There may or may not be any contact information for this person on file. Even if there is, no, we cannot send it to you out of respect for the other person's privacy. If you are a class member and you post information about yourself, maybe that person will contact you on their own initiative. In the future, we may have a bulletin board for people to post messages for other classmates.

Q: I'm trying to find a class member who is not listed anywhere on this site. Will you pass a message from me to him or her?
A: Again, we may or may not have any way to contact the person you're looking for. Even if we do, we are not eager to run an e-mail forwarding service or message service. So, the answer will generally be no. There may be a few very exceptional cases where we will forward a message to a class member if we can.

Q: I have a question that is not addressed on this page. How can I get an answer?
A: Use the Feedback link below, or if you're already a registered user, go to the Contacts page in the Members Section and communicate directly with the appropriate class member.

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